Haboakus is the joint venture between Kevin McCloud's company Hab and housing group GreenSquare. We develop thoughtfully designed places and homes that respect local context and biodiversity, where residents feel a strong sense of belonging.

The partnership champions sustainable living and homes that are environmentally efficient to build and run. We will:


  • respect, and where possible enhance, the biodiversity of existing sites
  • draw on landscape and history to create an architecture which is strongly rooted in context, both
    physical and cultural
  • create communities which will appeal to young and old alike; where people grow up, have a
    family and grow old
  • use materials and construction processes which are kind to the environment
  • design buildings which provide healthy environments for their inhabitants and are efficient to run
  • encourage sustainable lifestyles and a strong sense of community
  • conceive our projects within the context of community-wide initiatives from sourcing local food to
    sustainable means of transport
  • build intelligent homes that are affordable
  • make places which are a pleasure to live in and a joy to behold.

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